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We offer Quality Boarding, Lessons, Training, Sales, and Equine Care


Family owned and operated for over 30 years. Glover's Stables and Equestrian Center invites you to experience the incredible world of horses!
Let our extensive knowledge through years of dedication help you in your equine pursuits; Learning to ride, Buying or Selling, Boarding, Training or Rehabilition of your horse.
Glover's Stables does it all!


We Believe "Quality Never Costs As Much As It Saves"

Lessons for both Youth and Adults!

Fun, informative lessons that can help you learn to ride or advance your skills. 3 Different instructors with flexible schedules. Call to start your journey.

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Disciplines, Arenas & All the Activities

For our lessons, we have many disciplines and arenas to work. Dressage Arena, Jumping Field, Hunter, Western Pleasure Flat Arena to work, Competitive Trail course and Lovely Trails, Specialty of Many Gaited Horse gaits, Barrels and speed event working area. I have personally studied, trained, shown and offer instruction in these disciplines and more.

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Glover's Is A Multi Dimensional Equine Facility


  • First Class Family Boarding
  • Knowledgeable, Easy to Work With Trainer.
  • Experienced in Varied Disciplines and Breeds
  • Lessons for Both Children and Adults
  • Lessons offered - Beginner, Hunter, Jumping, Dressage - Classical, Western & Gaited, Trail, Trail Obstacle, Western Events and Learning the beautiful smooth gaits of the many different breeds of gaited horses!
  • We offer Safe, Sane, Well Trained Horses for Sale or Lease!
  • A Certified Equine Chiropractioner and Rehab Specialist on Staff!
  • Fun Camps, Informative Clinics & Retreats!


Boarding can be a difficult choice. In choosing a horse boarding facility, there are many important things to consider and compare. Amenities, quality of care, knowledgeable handling and management, caring, and location. At Glover's Equestrian Center and Stables, we try to make it an easier choice by understanding that these are your babies and that all aspects of their lives are important. We show that in our cleanliness, safety, and careful management of the horses and their atmosphere. We take pride that most clients come out to our facilities and sigh...saying it is so peaceful out here. That their horses are so settled and comfortable. When you add up the cost vs benefits and value, the experience, professional care and all the extras with Glover's, there is no comparison.

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Glover's Stables is hosting the Florida Walking Racking Horse Association Show on January 22, 2022

A fun and wonderful group of horseloving people. Come out and watch, participate with your lovely gaited horse, or volunteer to help the club as a ribbon or gate person!



Deborah Glover's Day Clinic

Balance, Gaits, Better Communication

January 29th Starts at 9 to 3

Hosted Here at Glover's Stables, Clinician Deborah Glover will work on those pesky little inconcisistancies that plague your ride, whether it be on the rail or on the trail.

Sign up today, Spaces are limited to 10


Do your goals include fearless trail riding, showing in the discipline or your choice or feeling more comfortable riding and handling your horse at home?

Deborah Glover WILL teach you the skill set needed to achieve success with your horse.

As a full-time rider, instructor and trainer, Debbie will expertly demonstrate the how and whys of learning to ride. No matter your age or level of riding, she excels at explaining and simplifying it's "mysteries" so that anyone can understand. She is a relaxed, fun, easy to work with and always approachable trainer who will tailor and develop techniques specifically for you in order to avoid potential problems with your horse during your journey of learning to ride.

She cares deeply about her students' progression of confidence and seeing them achieve their goals.


Riding since the age of two and professionally training since 1999 when Glover's Stables and Equestrian Center opened it's doors to the public, she has successfully trained, competed and instructed in many disciplines including;barrel racing, gaming and gymkhana events, hunter/jumper, western and english pleasure, and shown most gaited breeds up to the national and international level. She has also shown in dressage (classic, western and gaited) along with lower level reining and cow work, and currently has students in many of these sports.

Debbie is a certified Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) chiropractioner. In addition to her studies in muscle massage and rehabilitation, she has a working knowledge of the philosophy of biomechanics. She understands the importance of developing proper movement with horse and rider, applying this philosophy in her explanations to her students in an easily understandable way of learning.

The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA), one of the original riding intructor safety programs which is nationally and internationally recognized, has certified her at the 3rd level in western and 4th level in English/Jumping. 

She still continues her own riding journey, training with Bill Woods in dressage for over 10 years.


Developing an incredible bond between you and your hoirse takes time, patience, knowledge and commitment. Debbie approaches training as a three-way relationship - the student, the horse and the trainer. Each is an individual and the pieces need to be brought together in HARMONY to achieve rewarding communication between horse and rider. This will allow you to acheive those breakthrough "Ah-ha" moments that are so motovating as you progress in your skill level.

Debbie works with any age individual at any level of riding ability and has experience working with people with mental and physical limitations.

You are invited to visit Glover's Stables and Equestrian Center to observe or take a lesson with Debbie or one of her 2 junior instructors that have trained under her for years. Come and see just how we can help you be the best horse person you can be!


Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a horse and rider truly enjoy all that is out there for them as a team. Seeing the confidence we help instill in each horse owner and rider come out with each challenge that they meet is a thrill.

Come out and let all the stress go from the day to day world...

Yes, it is work, but it is so personally rewarding with each and every step. As each team reaches another goal or overcomes a hurdle the smiles just naturally appear. As trainers, instructors and sometimes counselors we have the privilege to see every step of progress & each and every smile.


We have put our knowledge and time into giving that personal touch and confidence that we try to instill in all of our horses. Personality, manners, workable training, exposure to as many challenges as we can to get each horse ready for a new owner. Not all are ours, many are clients whose lives have changed and do not include their beloved horses anymore. It is a painful loss to each owner and we try to find the best home possible for their babies!


Come out and get to know us and meet our horses. Watch a lesson and judge if I am an instructor that can help you. But be ready! We are pretty passionate about our horses and what we do.

Find the Balance in Your Ride

Hosted at Glover's Stables On January 29, 2022

Deborah Glover will work with you and your horse on those problem areas you keep having with your ride.

Working with any discipline and having the facilities to do it!

Come To Our Retreat and let me and my other professionals help you be the best you can be for your horse. A massage, a detox, learning stretches, learning to focus better thru meditation, help with fear issues...all of these could help you have that relationship that you have dreamed of!!!

This Retreat will focus on horses and their riders.

We have different spa treatments for both rider and the horses, so don't miss this time to treat yourself as well as your horse. The information and therapies could make all the difference in the world to your team!

Florida Walking Racking Horse Association Show

The FWRHA is a great gaited horse experience.

Open to many gaited breeds, offering classes for all!!! Don't fear, this is a low stress enviornment (well as much as it can be at a show..lol). Gearing toward both newbies who are just wanting to dip their toe into the scary show world, and the experienced ones who want to relax and show off their horses skills!!!

Come join us all January 22, 2022

I will be also doing VOM and other therapies on horses if your horse needs the work.

Please contact me at 352-279-9054 to schedule a time for your horse.


Hosting the Girl Scout,
Boy Scouts And Kids Camp

Call Deborah Glover and she can show you the best way to introduce your horse to obstacles, big or small.

Can Your Horse Do This?

Call Deborah Glover and she can show you the best way to introduce your horse to obstacles, big or small.

Or This?

Different disciplines, experiences, and expression of talent takes time and calm trust..

Let me show you how to develop your comfort and your horses calmness at each step of understanding of our complicated ways!

Disciplines & Arenas

For our lessons, we have many disciplines and arenas to work. Dressage, Jumping, Hunter, Western, Trail course and trail riding, along with our beloved Gaited Breed riding.

Grass Hunter Jumper Arena - Just steps from Main Arena

Main Arena Set up with Full Dressage Arena inside -
Room to go around and enter at A

If you see something you like or you would like to see something we don't have, e-mail us and leave your comments. Thank you for stopping by.


Outdor Arenas


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Why Choose Us?

Yes! Actually a large majority of my clients are people who have fears and just don't know how to get past them. Each client and their situation is different. I work with the client and the horse to make each a better teammate that understand the other. I work in many different modalities and techniques. I have many testimonials and references that give every reassurance that people are not alone in their predicament and feelings..

I have a background that started in gaming horses with working and Ranch type of horses. I have worked with, trained, bred and raised many different breeds of gaited horses since 1995...mainly but not limited to Tennessee walking, Racking and Spotted Saddle horses, Kentucky mountain and Rocky Mountain Horses, shown and trained paso Fino and Peruvian horses, Missouri Foxtrotters just to name the most numerous. I have shown most of the breeds successfully at local, regional and national shows. I have been training at dressage for over 10 years and showing, training and giving instruction in classical, gaited and western. I have clients that I train for hunter and jumper shows successfully. I have a large number of clients that are Trail riders, trail obstacle enthusiasts and field trial exhibitors. I and my family brought the Foundation Quarter Horse Association to Florida. Helped the Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain shows start here in Florida. We have ran successfully - open breed shows and open gaited shows for years here in the Pasco and Hernando counties. I have been working with and training as a CHA instructor. I am certified and work under a Homeopathic Veterinarian as a chiropractitioner of the VOM method for over 8 years. Allowing myself to identify and rehab movement inconsistencies for performance horses and riders using many modalities such as muscle massage and therapy, low level laser, Theraplate and rehabilitation exercises that strengthen the horse at the core. We have held large trail rides that raised well over $25,000.00 that we were proud to send to charities. Worked with roping and reining trainers. And all walks of clients that just loved horses no matter their limitations!

Yes I have worked with many clients with special needs. I am very safety conscious but fun at the same time. My CHA training and my work with homeopathy rehab on horses is reflected in how each person and horse is handled and taught to be safe and yet strengthen their knowledge and skills.

Yes. I spent a long time working on learning and understanding the different gaits and how they affect the rider. Allowing me to give the rider an inside perspective as to what the rider feels at each gait, makes it easier to have the student recognize it easier.

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