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Deb Glover



Boarding can be a difficult choice. In choosing a horse boarding facility, there are many important things to consider and compare. Amenities, quality of car, knowledgeable handling and management, caring, and location. At Glover’s Equestrian Center and Stables, we try to make it an easier choice by understanding that these are your babies and that all aspects of their lives are important. We show that in our cleanliness, safety, and careful management fo the horses and their atmosphere.

We take pride that most clients come out to our facilities and sigh…saying it is so peaceful out here. That their horses are so settled and comfortable. When you add up the cost vs the benefits and value, the experience, professional care and all the extras with Glover’s, there is no comparison.

We also understand that we are not a fit for everyone. So come out and see if we are the right Family for you and your horse.

Our Prices

Glover’s Equestrian Center prices are very reasonable and competitive. There are several packages to choose from. It is best to call us directly at (352) 279-9054 and discuss your needs. You may only want to board your horse for the year or the season. You may want to include our horse boarding & training package with personalized or group lessons. Whatever you can imagine, we can accommodate your needs.

Horse Stalls

Horses need a clean healthy environment with enough of room to move, but snug enough to feel secure & happy. All of Glover’s Equestrian Center stalls are a spacious 12’x12′ covered enclosures or 12’x15′ for Stallions. Each stall is thoroughly cleaned every day and the bedding is maintained with fresh shavings as needed.

Automatic Water Feeder

A horse may salivate up 10 gallons of water or more everyday! With this in mind, it is essential to maintain an abundant water supply for your horse at all times. To ensure that your horse has plenty of fresh clean water at all times, Glover’s Equestrian Center has installed “automatic water trough” (AWT) system to every stall and to all of our pastures. This system maintains a constant “full” water level automatically.

Wash Rack and Tacking Areas

At Glover’s Equestrian Center we know waiting to tack, untack or even bathe your horse can be a downside to barns. But we have may areas set up for your convenience. Close to the tack rooms or ready for a bath after untacking.


Glover’s Equestrian Center has two (2) Professional Licensed Veterinarians (D.V.M.), a “barn veterinarian” on call 24/7; and a Veterinarian/Homeopathic (D.V.M.). But we have no problem with you using your own veterinarian.


Glover’s Equestrian Center has a well established and experienced Professional Farrier on call, who has been working with us for many, many years. But you are, of course, allowed to have your farrier come here to work on your horse.


Glover’s Equestrian Center is safe and secure at all times. Morgan Neiber lives here on the premises. Deborah Glover is onsite most days. Nightly checks  when normal. There is always someone present on the property looking after things. The pastures are fenced with an electric fence system, and the feed, medicines, and equipment can be kept under lock and key, as necessary.

Horse Handlers

All Glover’s Equestrian Center horse handlers are experienced professional “horse people”. Deborah Glover has been working with horses all of her life. And she personally instructs anyone that comes out to help in management and handling.


Glover’s Equestrian Center has so many others that we just could go on and on!!!!!!!!

Hay and Feed

At Glover’s Equestrian Center we use a high quality hay and feed program that we have had remarkable success with for many years. All of our “Hay” is specifically hand picked and chosen for a horses’ diet (for example: it must never have been rained on, rolled wet, the hay length must be grown greater than 8 inches). The point is, we have grown our own Horse Hay and know what it takes and what to look for. Our “hay” at Glover’s Equestrian Center is a nutritional horse specific Tifton 44, World Class Bermuda. In addition, we include, a nutritionally balanced feed that is specifically customized for your own horse’s dietarian needs; adding fats, vitamins, and minerals et al as needed.


Horse Handlers

Glover’s Equestrian Center has A 65′ Round pen for lunging and keeping horses close while working them. A 90′ Round arena that is great in the summer as it is under beautiful Old Oak Trees for shade. A 230′ x 130′ riding arena with footing that is kept up for great working no matter what discipline. And for those rainy days, check out the picture above of the 125’x25′ barn isle that you can work in. Plus, ALL are lighted, so feel free to come out after dark.



At Glover’s Equestrian Center we are certified to evaluate your horse in terms of physical assessments and can offer Veterinarian Orthopedic Manipulations (VOM) Adjustments (not the same as those of human chiropractic procedures, but similar and only for animals). We use a variety of “hands on” and mechanical-physical manipulations to adjust your horse’s musculature and skeletal system. This may include laser and ultra sonic therapies as well. We have successfully used these procedures for show horses, race horses, and just about ever discipline imaginable for horses.


We start horses with patience, as each one has a different personality and ability. Working in sync with an individual horse and rider to bring out the best with the most ease and comfortable results. Deborah Glover, our nationally and internationally recognized trainer, has been training for years and still works on her disciplines – with her dressage with her instructor, Bill Woods, exhibiting in most of the disciplines she helps others with. She is diverse in her working knowledge of horses, their movements, capabilities and has experience with many different disciplines. Yet seems to have a knack for finding the right instruction for the rider. And they are all different, so there is no cookie cutter training here. Each individual works and learns on their own schedule, she allows that and even caters to it.

Horses are so willing to do what we ask, if only we could explain it in terms that they can understand. Forced stress puts the horse on the defensive and slows down the maturity and development of the horses, so we work soft but firm. We believe that going slow and explaining everything to both horse and rider patiently over and over again until it is both natural and comfortable to them is the best way.

We have been doing this with such great results that we have had years of a winning and fun show history, along with the personal pride of seeing so many of our clients out on the trail and winning on the rail. The horse and rider are working together with an understanding of what each is asking and requiring.

Come look around and ask around. We have a reputation that shows the time and effort that we have put into each and every relationship. Glover’s Stables has been known for quality horses that we breed, raise, train and sell for over 25 years now. We are not a big operation. We are a family that loves horses and are honored that others want our help in establishing the same relationship with their horse.