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The Spotted Saddle Horse provides a comfortable ride with the chrome of color as an added bonus. This colorful horse possesses a smooth, easy gait that provides hours of pleasure in the saddle. Not only will you enjoy a most pleasurable ride on the trail aboard a Spotted Saddle Horse, but also the beautifully unique color patterns offered by this fast-growing breed will set you apart from the crowd. The trails are never too steep or too rough for this agile breed. Sure footed as a mountain goat, the Spotted Saddle Horse is ready for any terrain.

The easy, docile temperament of the gentle breed combined with a people pleasing personality make this equine sports model a highly sought after trail mount. With comfort second to none, climb aboard a Spotted Saddle Horse and be ready for the recreational ride of your life. An added bonus is that the horse you ride during the week on trails can be your Saturday night show horse. This is a very common occurrence in the Spotted Saddle Horse industry.


The Spotted Saddle Horse can trace its roots back to the history of horses that escaped from ships as they crashed on our shorelines. These horses were often spotted, naturally gaited and possessed the strength and stamina necessary for war use. By the end of the Civil War, many imported "gaited" types of horses were present in the United States. Selective mating of these gaited horses with the spotted horses resulted in the production of the smooth-gaited, colorful horse that came to be known as the Spotted Saddle Horse.

Our Spotted Coin





10-20-06 TWHBEA Gelding. 15 hands, light build, beautifully smooth gaits!!! He was recently gelded and was never bred so he has lovely manners about being around other horses. Easy to ride. Not hard to handle, but a little loud sometimes...lol. Working on his flat walk, but his rack can't be beat for smoothness. I rode him after a year of no riding and he was just about perfect.  No buck, or rear, or become hard to handle. Actually he neckreins almost a good as a reining horse. His owner is a lovely older woman that lost her husband last year...and this was his horse. They trail rode all over and that was when he was a stallion! Ties, loads, bathes, works well with the farrier, vet and dentist.

Don't Miss This Fantastic Guy!!! Videos on Youtube.com...search for horsewmn1 and look for Our Spotted Coin.

Asking $6000


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GET NOTICED on this '97 SSHBEA, SHMA, RHBA Seal bay & White gelding. 15 hands. Solid build. Gentle but showy attitude. He has a great gentle personality. Model and Show champion. Flat walk, trot, rack, canter. Dressage basics, jumps, trail rides and did well at Hunter Paces! Barefoot and smooth gaits.

For sale info contact Deborah Glover

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Mandy is a pretty 15 hand 13 year old Spotted Mountain Mare. Just look at that mane and full tail. She is dark bay and white and has a very pretty way of moving. Steady feet and dealing with other horses. Will be behind or in front. Barefoot and doesn't need shoes for smooth gait. Pretty and will get you noticed on the trail or the rail.  No health issues. Loads, some neckreining, used to traffic. We are getting her on the trail course and she will soon be cruising right thru it for those that love the trails and competitions. I don't have all the obstacles but quite a few.

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Dobbs First Class

aka Mercedes


Mercedes is a big well built 16 year old TWHBEA/Racking/SHBEA/Spotted Mountain black and white mare. Yes, that is 4 different registries....think of the breeding possibilities. I know she is white, but I am telling you she stays white with minimal care. She is 15.1 hands and is gentle and fun to ride. She will flat walk, rack and canter both leads. Some neckreining & leg pressure training. Not spooky. Has shown and trail ridden. Great Ground manners. Clips, loads, bathes, ties, cross ties. I have ponied off of her, ridden her bareback - even at the Florida State Fair....around those rides that make some horses crazy spooky, not her! She got comment after comment on how beautiful and striking she is. And she is the EASIEST to care for white horse I have EVER had. She can roll in a mud puddle and come in the next morning bright white!!! I have witnesses!!! Look for the videos of her with an umbrella and long tarp dragging behind her. Even changing with another horse while mounted! On youtube.com look up my screenname horsewmn1. There are a couple of them.


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PJ aka TY's Stormy Paint Job



PJ is an all around great guy and a Complete package.  Beautiful 16 year old Reg. Sorrel and White Spotted Saddle Gelding. His only owner raised him and life is making her have less horses. She has his mom and had him all his life. She has done the posse training with him, parades, he pulls a cart, he camps out. He is a big guy - 16 hands and a nice full body. Barefoot and smooth gaited. Front, back, he doesn't seem to mind. We are spending time with him to find him the perfect new owner. Call for more information.

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Peppers Kid Rock



Kid is a coming 13 year old Reg. Spotted Saddle Gelding. Right at 15 hands. This guy has been owed by the same couple for over 10 of those years. He has been amateur field trialing and trail riding consistently for that time. Light going when he was young but been pretty steady with it as a career. He has a long strided flat walk and rack and a lovely canter. Neckreins, used to guns shooting, dogs running all over, ponied and being ponied, tieing out, camping, good with other horses. Ridden with a non confident rider out on these adventures also. The only reason he is for sale is he is too slow for the owners needs as a field trial judge and training and he doesn't want to over work his main horse. Goes thru water, parks out, easy mouth, some voice commands. Don't miss out on this guy!!! He is easy to ride and doesn't need someone who has a lot of experience. Nice steady mover that is calm and pretty much a baby sitter.

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Gunnerson is a pretty 14.3 hand 12 year old Spotted Saddle Gelding. He is dark bay and white and super smooth. He has been owned by one gentleman who has used him for field trial work. Has been off for 2 years and we have been on him 3 times now and he went back to work.  Neckreins pretty well. Flat walk and Rack and canter. Barefoot and good feet. A few more rides and he will be ready to get back out and be perfect on the trail.  Gets along with other horses.

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Durango is a pretty 14.3 hand 13 year old Spotted Saddle Gelding. He is grey roan and white with a great little flat walk, running walk, rack and canter. He has been owned by one gentleman who has used him for field trial work. Has been off for 3 years and we have been on him 3 times now and he went back to work.  Neckreins pretty well. Barefoot and good feet. No tune up needed. He is a great guy that is ready to be a perfect trail horse. Worked around guns and dogs in the field trials. As well as birds flying out of bushes.  Gets along with other horses.

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Jim's Zorro


Jims Zorro is a beautiful '04 Bay and White Spotted Saddle Gelding. This guy is really a smooth ride. He is a good size with a nice build. His rack is like riding in an expensive convertible! Barefoot. Nice hooves. Canter, Flat Walk, Rack... Loving the trails and easy going. Not a piggy, he stays pretty clean for a spotted horse. Gets along well with other horses. Stall or pasture he is comfortable in both. Has a quiet presence, but is really just 15.2 hands. When we get horses, we take our time and rehab their bodies and their minds to get them the happiest we can. Come out and see if this cooler weather coming you will be able ride in this fancy convertible!!! lol

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Cheyenne is a pretty 15 hand 9 year old Spotted Mountain Mare. She is sabino and white and has a nice flowing flat and running walk. She is really enjoying the work on the trail and as we clean up her gait so that it is automatic. Neckreins. Flat walk and running walk with a super big head nod and nice big stride plus a beautiful rack with different speeds. We have cantered her a few times, but I tend to keep them relaxed and slow as most of my clients are not daredevils. Barefoot and good feet. We have been working her both with other horses and alone. Long mane and full tail. Gets along with other horses. Up to date on farrier, dentist, shots, on daily dewormer. No health issues or allergies. We are showing her also.

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Cassadee is a 3 year old Spotted Mountain Filly. She is already 15 hands at only 3...she is going to be a great size with a real feel of a horse under you. She is full bodied and fill up the leg. Started in December and she has taken to riding like a charm. Easy to handle. Curious and not a spooky ride. She has some trail riding experience and would make a great all around horse. Talent and smarts. Barefoot and some of the smoothest rack you have ever felt. Owner is really heartbroken to sell her, but she has to make some changes. Neckreining started. Started in harness, but no cart experience. Rides alone or with others. Young, but a great mind. She could really take you anywhere you want to go.

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Threat's Shining Marque

aka Splash  Congratulations to Diane


'03Black and White Double Reg. SSHBEA/TWHBEA Gelding. 14.3hands. Cute teddy bear that is laid back and fun to ride.  Flat walk, Rack, neckreining, we have trail ridden him. He has been ridden only occasionally and still is a good boy. Pretty marking and easy to handle. Nice build, barefoot. Smooth gait.

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Rocky - J & Bs Rocking King


'96 Rocky is a 14.3 hand Black and White TWHBEA Gelding. Fun to ride.  He has been used for trails. He is barefoot and gaits well. More walky than racky, but smooth. He is pretty and sweet. Can be ridden by most anyone. Smooth gaits that I can show you how to work easily.

Congrats to Maria for her match with this great guy. We know she will enjoy him for many years to come!

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Cloud is a 8 year old SSH/Spotted Mountain gelding. Grey and White. 16.1+ hands

Big Beautiful Striking Guy that will get you noticed!!!!!! This big gelding is candy for both the eyes and the seat. Smooth and nice to handle. I work him in the arena in a full cheek snaffle and get the gaits and the canter. The kids use an argentine snaffle. Working on balancing the canter. Trails, arena work and going to the show. Walks, Trots, Racks, Flat walks and Canters. Leg pressure, both english and western riding. Clips, loads, ties. Great stall and ground manners. Loves to be around people.

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Gen's Pushing Maverick

Maverick is a 2001 Triple registered TWHBEA, SHEBEA, National Spotted Saddle Black and white Gelding

Over 15 hands. He is a really easy keeper. He is barefoot and still has nice gaits. Flat Walk, Rack, canter. Nice trail riding guy. Broad build. Not hard to ride. Gets along well with other horses. He has been around here for years and even when not ridden consistently you get a nice ride from him. Don't miss this great guy. He has been a second horse and the owner feels guilty just riding her gelding all the time and not spending the time she should with him.

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Taylor is a red and white Spotted Saddle gelding. Quiet, but has an engine. We used him for lessons before we sold him to a family. Well they have to move and are looking to find him a great home. He loves to trail ride, and we have shown him when we had him. Flat walk, smooth rack, some canter. Gets along with other horses. No bite, kick. Loads and clips. As you can see enjoys kids, but they do need some experience as he is a BIG horse. Over 15.2 hands. Loves attention. Will stand in the cross ties as long as you need him to.  He is not on our farm, but you can call the owners.